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We tell it all! The inside track with industry secrets that reveal how you can prosper from the most powerful area of business and profit from the approximate $600 Billion U.S. Export Industry. Cash in on the vast potential of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block Market.

We publish 11 books, 3 newsletters and 9 reports covering all aspects of international trade, the most complete set of Instruction Books on the hottest growth industry of the 1990's. You will find a brief description of our publications here. If you would like to have a sample of a specific newsletter that you are interested in, please email us your request specifying if you wish to receive it as a text file without graphics or as a graphics file. Please note that we can only send a sample via e-mail.

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$3.00 per book to USA addresses
$5.00 per book to Canada
$8.00 per book to Other Overseas
New York residents must add sales tax.
How to Export $59.95 Quantity
Money - Learn Where It 's At! $49.95 Quantity
Export Operations and Techniques $39.95 Quantity
Trust & Asset Protection $39.95 Quantity
Managing International Shipments $39.95 Quantity
Project Funding Made Easy $39.95 Quantity
Making Contacts Open Doors $49.95 Quantity
A To Z of Finance $6.95 Quantity
Guide to Importing $39.95 Quantity
The Fraud Report $19.95 Quantity
Marine Insurance Compendium $25.95 Quantity
One year subscription including mailing cost
The International Trader $119.95 Quantity
The Vigilance Letter $99.95 Quantity
Money Secrets Newsletter $99.95 Quantity
Handling and Shipping @
$1.00 per report to USA addresses
$1.50 per report to Canada
$2.00 per report to Other Overseas
New York residents must add sales tax.
Report on Exporting $15.00 Quantity
Report on Importing $15.00 Quantity
Exporter's Docs Pak $12.50 Quantity
Int'l Trade Worldwide Web Sites New! $18.95 Quantity
1001 + Free Ads on the Internet $15.00 Quantity
Your Business Plan $15.00 Quantity
Welcome to Exporting $12.50 Quantity
Glossary of Int'l. Trading Terms $15.00 Quantity
Auto Shipping Guide $12.50 Quantity
1000 + Free Things on the NET $15.00 Quantity

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