Port Blakely Tree Farms
7515 Terminal Street SW
Tumwater,, Washington 98501
Phone: 1-360-570-1992
Fax: 1-360-570-0311
Email: sschmitt@portblakely.com
Website: http://www.portblakely.com
Company Description: : Tree Farm
Land basd company that markets high quality logs and develops environmentally
trees and plants. The Port Blakely Companies consist of three major companies.
The largest is Port Blakely Tree Farms, L.P., which can be dated back to 1864.
Tree Farms manages land and timber in western Washington and Oregon.
We also have an extensive Environmental Education program.
Services offered:
Port Blakely Tree Farms offers a variety of forest products and Services.
Throughout our ownership districts - logs, minerals, special forest products
and firewood permits are available.