Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)-
1221 Avenue of the Americas, 44th Floor
New York, NY, 10020
Phone: 212/997-0414
Fax: 212/819-7781
Email: webmaster@newyork.jetro.org
Website: http://www.jetro.org
Company Description: Resource Provider: Government affiliated
JETRO is a non-profit, Japanese government-supported trade organization. Its
primary focus is to facilitate trade relations between Japan and other nations
by offering a multitude of trade-related resources and services to assist
small/medium sized businesses in doing business in Japan. The world-wide
network includes 79 offices in 56 countries, and 33 offices in Japan.
Services offered:
Expert consultation, seminars, coordination of meetings and missions to Japan,
free temporary office space in Japan, trade show and exhibition
assistance, trade-related publications and libraries, market reports, etc.